1940-01-17 00:00:00

January 17

“Posters appeared throughout Mexico advocating the expulsion of Diego Rivera.” [“This is the traitor. Jew faker.”] (FBI files)

“Exposicion internacional del surrealismo” opens at the Galeria de Arte Mexicano in Mexico City. (Art and Revolution, p.99)

[Minervegtanimortvida, one of two Rivera entries in the show, will end up at SFMOMA as Symbolic Landscape or Tree with Glove and KnifePer Art & Revolution, p.318, it is an example of surrealism’s “resolution of contraries.” See 12.11.40.  Ironically, Cesar Moro’s preface to the catalog for this show will reject mural painting.]

“Roosevelt Urges World Participation In Fair” (SF Exam, 1.18.40, p.8)

[Calif. house members ask $500,000 appropriation to continue government exhibits and help Pan American countries with exhibits.]