1940-04-01 00:00:00

April 1

America First committee formed.  The group, which advocates isolationism and is against Internationalism, has Charles Lindbergh among its members.

Sometime this month the PCM (Partido Communista Mexicano) at their April meeting pledge to “’take punitive action against the informers’ and to make ‘every effort to get rid of Trotsky.’” (“The Strange Case…”)

Over three days Dr. Grace Morley, director of the San Francisco Museum of Art (SFMA, later SFMoMA), meets and visits Rivera. (Pflueger files)

[We assume she had to leave quickly for Chile. She is in charge of procuring Central and South American art for the Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE).  She is, technically, not in charge of Mexico, which is the purview of Thomas Carr Howe, Jr. [Director of Legion of Honor 1939-1968]. Though the April 1940 issue of the San Francisco Art Association Bulletin says he is down there now, it could have been later in the month and too late to insure that the necessary negotiations could be finished in time to commit Rivera to a role at the fair. Note: Art In Action is only known as the "Active Arts department" per the Bulletin and Volz, Carter, and Olmstead (sic) are listed as participants with an allusion to a “huge” fresco to be painted.]