1940-04-13 00:00:00

April 13

GGIE will use Paulette Goddard’s measurements for judging the “Miss Streamline” Contest, (SF Chron, p.15)

Pflueger checks into Hotel Ritz, Mexico, D.F. and pays 14 pesos/night through the 18th.  He will sometime later telegram (undated/handwritten) his brother, Milton, requesting blueprints of Fine Arts Palace. (Pflueger files)

He also sends telegram to Jack James, Director of Promotion and Publicity for the GGIE, laying out outline of deal and specifying “at least three months.”  In his preparatory notes to writing the telegram text, Pflueger reminds himself not to mention Rivera’s name in wire because as he says in the telegram, the “danger of leak great.”  He’s going to have six views of “signing” of contract photographed.