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April 14

“Monahan approves one thousand per month not to exceed three months traveling expenses not to exceed one thousand dollars in toto…holding release of story until I get a wire...” (Telegram from Jack James to Pflueger in Mexico.) [A committee headed by Dorothy Wright Liebes gets this money by a subscription of “wealthy donors in San Francisco.”  ELP: July, 1958 Notes.]                             

Pflueger telegram (handwritten copy) to James stating he can’t go back to Rivera and limit it to three months, “arguing to have him there duration of Exposition….air mailing pictures today.” [One of the pictures with Rivera and Pflueger in the studio appears April 26 in the Portland, Ore. Journal.

A note on Hotel Ritz paper alludes to another photo with R to L: Thom Carr Howe, Jr., Diego Rivera, Timothy Pflueger, Nieves Orozco (model), Irene Bohus (American painter), and Maria Theresa Pinto (Chilean sculptress)]

Pflueger’s notes to himself include: trying to get Clifford Wright or Matthew Barnes as assistants, getting ”as much historical stuff as possible-Morse Fulton”, good lighting for Rivera’s bad eyes, etc.