1940-04-15 00:00:00

April 15


Handwritten/typewritten letter from Diego to Pflueger accepting invitation and proposing the theme of the “fusion” of the north and south. Also, signed handwritten contract in Pflueger’s hand, both on Ritz Hotel (Mex.D.F.) stationary. 

Telegram to Pflueger from Jack James, Director of Publicity and Promotion of GGIE giving Monahan’s OK on “duration  of Fair for artist” and limiting travel to $1000.[No sense of panic.]

Diego Rivera fills out American Consular Services “Declaration in Connection With Paintings, Etc., And Sculptures” for an oil painting Tiger in the Jungle attesting to its authenticity and originality because the artist is in an “insane asilum” (sic). [Is Pflueger taking the painting back to the US? The painting is not in the SFMOMA collection per Josh] (Pflueger files)

Sometime after this date, Rivera’s article, “Stalin, Undertaker of the Revolution,” appears in May issue of Esquire magazine. [Not cited in Readers Guide to Per. Lit.] [Trotsky had called Stalin “gravedigger of the revolution” to his face at a 1926 Politburo meeting….probably a bad move, (Stalin as Revolutionary, Tucker, p.446)]