1941-02-14 00:00:00

February 14

Emmy Lou Packard writes to her mother that her father left yesterday on the train after seeing the Palacio Nacional murals. Emmy Lou is living at the San Angel Casa/Estudio.

"We get up at 10 and lunch at three." "Diego arrives from Coyoacan at 11:30 and sits in his studio till lunch time, staring at the walls and wishing he were back in Hollywood, or playing with the dogs or monkey. At two we go to Frida's for lunch, and sit around afterwards till four or so." "Diego bought sixty five new idols yesterday. He already has about two thousand packed in boxes. Frida was furious, as he needs a new car more than idols. He wheedled her out of it, though, and then crawled under the table and went to sleep."