1940-11-29 00:00:00

Private preview of the Mural from seven to eleven p.m.

(Rivera signs “unfinished” mural in lower right area on the scroll beside Wooden Indian. He'll return on December 8 to do touch-ups. Next to his signature are the initials “BM.” Could these be of William “Bill” Monahan, General Mgr. of the GGIE?

BOE letter to Bottoroff requesting the mural be crated /delivered to the old Palace of Fine Arts. (Pflueger files)

Pflueger letter to Bottoroff saying he has notified Rivera et al of their termination.  (Pflueger files)

1940-11-25 00:00:00

Thelma Johnson Streat show opens at Stendahl Gallery in L.A. It runs till Dec. 7. (Does DR fly there for opening? June 17, 1945 Portland Oregonian says so, but it seems highly unlikely given the pressure he's under to finsih the mural by November 29.)

1940-11-22 00:00:00

Bottoroff letter to Pflueger asking him to notify Rivera, Arthur Niendorff and Emmy Packard that they are terminated as of close of business, 11.30.40.  (Pflueger files)

Pflueger letter to Bottoroff sending copies of pertinent letters in regards to the deal he made on behalf of the GGIE with the BOE.

BOE letter to Pflueger regarding Nov. 19 meeting where their Resolution G-828 accepted mural contingent on advice from Art Commission and insuring it. It will temporarily be stored in the old Palace of Fine Arts.

1940-11-21 00:00:00

Orson Welles wants to start his picture with Delores del Rio about February 1; are Olivia de Havilland and Jimmy Stewart cooling again after making up?  Olivia spends most of her evenings now with Burgess Meredith,” (SF Exam, Louella Parsons) [Burgess Meredith will be Goddard's next husband.]

1940-11-14 00:00:00

Pflueger letter to Bottoroff explaining why mural panels should only be moved in a vertical orientation. “Walter L. Huber, who made the design of the steel frames planned it on that basis.”  Rivera has assured Pflueger that he can be finished by December 1. Goddard telegrams Rivera that she is coming to sit for the completion of her portrait.