1939-12-08 00:00:00

Rivera’s birthday.  SF Chronicle editorial on why Trotsky would make a star witness. Letter to the editor hoping that the deal to stage the 1940 GGIE gets going. Also, Rivera statement, Excelsior and interview by Arthur Constantine, International News Service.

Rivera says he realizes he’s in danger. (FBI files)

1939-12-06 00:00:00

Martin Dies announces that Rivera and Trotsky may come to Texas to testify before Jan. 3.  Rivera denies knowledge of the invitation and says “It’s all rather strange.” Trotsky doesn’t comment.  (SF Chron, 12.7.39)  “Committee associates are surprised.  (NY Times, 12.7.39, p.22)

1940-08-01 00:00:00

Edward G. Robinson, Ottorino Ronchi, Irene Bohus, Timothy Pflueger, Johnny Cummings, Dudley Carter, Mona Hofmann, Diego Rivera (n.d.)

Sometime this month Emmy Lou Packard will come from NY to become primary assistant to Rivera. (She’ll be here by August 20-21 when Trotsky is assassinated.)

1940-08-02 00:00:00

Editorial “Time to Act” says some WPA art projects are Communist impregnated.  “We think there is ‘plenty of time’ to nip ‘fifth column’ treason.” (SF Exam, p.8) [Example of fear of communism]

Dr. Deutsch, VP and Provost of the Univ. of Calif. said before 600 members of the Commonwealth Club that the US must aid Britain and enforce the Monroe Doctrine in Latin America.” (SF Chron, 8.3.40)

“The Man I Married Takes You Inside the German Reich” (SF Chron, p.8)

1940-07-29 00:00:00

Life magazine has layout with pictures of Mona Hofmann, Rivera working on small scale drawing of mural, and “sculpting” with turkey bones and long shot of “Art in Action.”

Russia invades Rumania. [EGR’s homeland]

“Henry Ford will soon undertake mass production of military airplane engines ‘on his own’” (SF Exam, p.4)

1940-07-28 00:00:00

Leonardo’s Horse and Rider drawing is “star performer” of Italian old master show at GGIE per Alfred Frankenstein. (SF Chron, p.24)  [Leonardo Da Vinci is one of Rivera’s favorites.]

Soap Box Derby (Use for ref: GGIE DVD)

1940-07-27 00:00:00

“Some Things to Do at the Fair…view the hefty Diego Rivera forging ahead with his mural,” (SF Chron, p.5)

“Diego Rivera Previews a Mural at the Fair,” “Donated his time and talent, having only his expenses paid by the Exposition,” (SF Chron, p.9) [photo: he’s drawing the Nazi hand below Lederer]