1940-09-08 00:00:00

Rivera interview: “Art on Treasure Island,” (SF Chron)

“Nazis Deny Financing Red Militia in Mexico” (SF Exam, 9.9.40) [deny statement by Elliott Roosevelt, FDR’s son, that Germany has financed a “Red Militia” of 200,000.  Any danger that confronts this country doesn’t lie all the way across the ocean.” This had been one of Rivera’s main contentions.]

1940-09-01 00:00:00

First private audience for The Great Dictator includes Chaplin and Goddard, (Chaplin, p.505)

Dorothy Puccinelli “Conversation with Diego Rivera” (Excerpts) came out last week per Alfred Frankenstein. (SF Chron, p.28) [Mural length extended from 44 ft. to 72 ft. (sic)]

1940-08-31 00:00:00

“Rivera Mural: Club women don’t like it.” (SF Chron)

HOY article on art show at Bellas Artes that includes a picture of Retrato del Escritor Martin Luis Guzman, a cubist work by Rivera.

Also, one of the first publicity shots of The Great Dictator (p. 27)

HOY article (p.10-19) about Trotsky, "El Asesinato de Trotsky, Lo Que “HOY” Vio y Oyo."

1940-08-30 00:00:00

The SF City and County Federation of Women’s Clubs at their meeting today voted to ask the BOE not to accept the mural. “Mrs. Albert W. Stokes, who led the Federation campaign for sanity in art….was one of the members who led the discussion Friday.” (SF Exam, 9.2.40, p.12)  

[An article on the same page tells of a tea by the Women’s clubs to honor those artists who are part of the Society for Sanity in Art.]

1940-08-27 00:00:00

Trotsky cremated in Mexico City after failed appeals to Secretary of State Cordell Hull to return the body to New York. (SF Chron, 9.1.40, p.6)

Oscar Levant & Meredith Willson appear at GGIE. (Willson worked music for Dictator. Levant had said his late friend George Gershwin had been gaga over Paulette Goddard.)

1940-08-26 00:00:00

Certificate of Mexican Nationality No. 536 expedited in favor of Frida Kahlo. (Divorced from Diego, she has no Mexican citizenship, which is passed from the father’s side.  Guillermo Kahlo is a German. The Certificate is part of Sotheby’s auction 12.13.02 and doesn’t sell.)

“Stalin Murder Ring Operating in U.S. Bared” (SF Exam, front page)